ENT World Congress: vestibular disorders

ENT World Congress

There's no getting bored with vestibular disorders! Conferences related to this subject during the ENT World Congress in Paris (non-exhaustive selection):

First, a keynote lecture will present the 2017 international classification of vestibular disorders to inaugurate this field. Saturday, June 24, 14h, room Maillot, EQ KL01

Then, an international consensus conference on the treatment of Menière’s disease will offer an overview of therapeutic approaches and help identify best practices. Sunday, June 25 16h30, Bordeaux Amphitheatre, EQ ICONO01

Innovations in equilibrium testing, presented by Ian Curthoys. Monday, June 26, 9h, Bordeaux Amphitheatre, EQ KL 07

Complex dizziness in patients with polypathology, or with presenting subclinical symptoms. Tuesday, June 27, 14h, room 351, OAV KL 05 (French)

Dietmar Basta will present current strategies for vestibular rehabilitation in chronic vestibular dysfunction. Monday, June 26, 14h, room 241, EQ RT 06

A session is dedicated to the surgical management of the endolymphatic sac for the management of debilitating dizziness: to open, to stent, to clip or to destroy? A second session will offer an overview of the state of the art of vestibular implants. Wednesday, June 28, 8h30, EQ CONTRO 01 Wednesday, June 28, 14h, EQ KL 02

Hydrops is diagnosed thanks to MRI imaging. This symposium offers a discussion of MRI examination compared to other diagnostic techniques. Tuesday, June 27, 16h30, Amphi Havane OAV SYMPO 03

Hypervestibuly is a clinical vestibular hypersensitivity in patients with chronic dizziness. Learn more thanks to a study involving 613 patients suffering from persistent, chronic dizziness. Sunday, June 25, 8h30, room Maillot, EQ KL 12

Vestibular migraines often cause dizziness. A symposium where several specialists from different fi elds will help you in diagnosing this condition. Sunday, June 25, 16h30, room 352A, EQ SYMPO 02

Level of evidence in the medical treatment of vertigo: taking a critical approach. Sunday, June 25, 14h30, room 341, EQ KL 06

This congress offers a place of choice to ENT senses and experiences. Attend Frank Assaban’s session to test a 3D virtual reality software for vestibular reeducation. Monday, June 26, 9h and 15h30 (registration required)

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By Dr. Elisabeth Mamelle, AP-HP, GH Pitié-Salpétriere, Oto-rhino-laryngology department, Unit of Otology, Auditory Implants and Skull Base Surgery, Paris, France, and member of the SFORL.