ENT World Congress: Otosclerosis

ENT World Congress

A topic which still generates a lot of interest! Conferences related to this subject during the ENT World Congress in Paris (non-exhaustive selection):

There are multiple approaches and technologies for the surgical management of otosclerosis, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, which John McElveen will present in this conference. Sunday, June 25, 14h, room 342B, OT KL 13

Stapes surgery is not always simple. This course will give you the keys to handling complex situations. Tuesday, June 27, 7h, room 341 OT CONTRO 14

Conductive deafness can reappear more or less time after surgery for otosclerosis, for a number of reasons which will be explained in a symposium, along with solutions to mitigate this. Monday, June 26, 14h, room 341, OT SYMPO 06

Far advanced otosclerosis: what solutions can be offered based on the hearing test and CT scan, between simple and bone-anchored hearing aids, surgery and cochlear implants. Wednesday, June 28, 11h, room 352B, OT RT 17

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By Dr. Elisabeth Mamelle, AP-HP, GH Pitié-Salpétriere, Oto-rhino-laryngology department, Unit of Otology, Auditory Implants and Skull Base Surgery, Paris, France, and member of the SFORL.