ENT World Congress: Surgical program: securing the act, assessing practices and technical innovations

ENT World Congress

Conferences related to this subject during the ENT World Congress in Paris:

Managing hearing loss: deciding between hearing aid and surgery. This round table chaired by Bruno Frachet and Leopoldo Cordero is the opportunity to hear the opinion of different experts on the topic. Sunday, June 25, 9h30, room 342B, AU RT 02

The role of non-technical skills in intraoperative performance: a conference by Noël Garabédian and George Youngson in which they will present how to optimize your surgical procedures. Saturday, June 24, 14h, Bordeaux Amphitheatre, EDU KL 01

What type of tympanoplasty for what type of perforation: this audiovisual session facilitated by two English surgeons will give you an opportunity to improve your reconstruction choices depending on the location and aspect of the tympanoossicular chain. Monday, June 26, 7h, room 342A, OT COURSE 07

If you want to go deeper in this topic, go to the Round Table on the success factors of myringoplasty. Monday, June 26, 15h, room 342B, OT RT 07

An international Round Table on ossiculoplasty will offer an overview of the surgical tips and pitfalls which can positively change or compromise your functional result. Sunday, June 25, 15h, OT RT 15

Getting started with endoscopic ear surgery: Daniele Marchioni offers an overview of the basics of this technique. Sunday, June 25, 14h, room Maillot, OT KL 11

Balloon catheter dilatation of Eustachian tube: what results can be expected? Monday, June 26, 15h, room 342A, OT-CONTRO05

Cholesteatoma is presented under different angles in a number of courses:

A fi rst course will offer a pathophysiology of cholesteatoma, how they can be classifi ed, and what surgical approach offers optimal results. This comprehensive course will conclude presenting innovative techniques Sunday, June 25, 7h, room 343, OT COURSE 18

What surgical techniques are indicated for what types of cholesteatoma: rehabilitation of open techniques, transmeatal atticotomy and the management of intrapetrous cholesteatoma. Monday, June 26, 7h, room 253, OT CONTRO 08

The follow-up care of cholesteatoma patients is crucial given the risk of residual cholesteatoma or relapse. A controverse session will analyze 250 cases to understand how to recognize risks early on and guide the management of patients requiring revision surgery. Monday, June 26, 14h, room 341, OT COURSE 03

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By Dr. Elisabeth Mamelle, AP-HP, GH Pitié-Salpétriere, Oto-rhino-laryngology department, Unit of Otology, Auditory Implants and Skull Base Surgery, Paris, France, and member of the SFORL.