ENT World Congress: cochlear implants

ENT World Congress

Conferences related to this subject during the ENT World Congress in Paris:

Extending CI: cochlear implants are particularly indicated for profound deafness in both ears, and have been extended to fluctuating unilateral deafness with low-frequency residual hearing. Could this also be extended to evolving deafness, single-sided deafness, and if so based on what rationale? Saturday, June 24 14h30, room 341, OT KL 03 Wednesday, June 28 8h30, room 341, OT RT 14

Prof. Van De Heyning presents the results of cochlear implants for single-sided deafness: after 10 years, what benefits? Tuesday, June 27, 10h, Amphi Bordeaux, OT KL02

The preservation of residual hearing during cochlear implant surgery is an important issue for patients with low-frequency hearing with no benefit from traditional hearing aids: hearing preservation during surgery, and midand long-term results. Saturday, June 24, 14h, room 341, OT KL 01 Sunday, June 25, 9h30, room 341, OT RT 02 Sunday, June 25, 14h, room 342a

Innovative cochlear implant surgery techniques are dominated by the robotization of the surgical act. This will be presented during a symposium. Sunday, June 25, 11h, room 342b, OT SYMPO 10

The development of new electrodes: short, flexible, perimodiolar electrode or not, what to choose? Experts come together to discuss which electrodes are most suitable for which cochlea. Tuesday, June 27 8h30, room 342b, OT CONTRO 02

Cochlear implants have enabled the rehabilitation of deaf children. However, they have also enabled us to learn more about the development of the auditory system: Blake Papsin offers an overview of what cochlear implants have taught us. Another lecture by a pioneer in central plasticity and deafness, Andrej Kral, will also discuss what he has learned from cochlear implants in this field. Sunday, June 25, 14h, Blue Amphitheatre, PE KL 03 Sunday, June 25, 8h30, Blue Amphitheatre, AU KL 08

Middle-ear implants: what future?

If this topic is of interest to you, you must not miss the two sessions dedicated to it. Saturday, June 24, 14h30, room 352b, OT KL 04 Sunday, June 25, 11h, room 341, OT SYMPO 03

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By Dr. Elisabeth Mamelle, AP-HP, GH Pitié-Salpétriere, Oto-rhino-laryngology department, Unit of Otology, Auditory Implants and Skull Base Surgery, Paris, France, and member of the SFORL.