“Amazing learning opportunities and experiences with innovative products and technologies ”

AudiologyNOW! 2017

Rebekah F. Cunningham, American Academy of Audiology
Dr. Rebekah F. Cunningham welcomes the industry to AudiologyNOW!

AudiologyNOW! is the world’s largest gathering of, by, and for audiologists. This year’s conference takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana, the “crossroads of America!”, from 5 to 8 April. Program Committee Chair Dr. Rebekah F. Cunningham discussed with Audiology Worldnews about some of the main highlights of the event.

Mottos like “Steer with success”, “Experience the magic” and this year’s “Connect, Reconnect, and Innovate” are quite a distinctive mark of your gatherings. Please, tell us more on this year’s invitation to connect, reconnect and innovate.

AudiologyNOW! is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues, and to connect with new audiologists, experiences and products . The convention center is also conveniently connected to most of the hotels via skyways, and the layout of the convention center makes it easy to find the meeting rooms, restaurants, and entertainment options. It is also easy to connect you and your friends and colleagues to all the amazing things Indianapolis has to offer! AudiologyNOW! provides amazing learning opportunities and experiences with innovative products and technologies in the field.

Besides lectures and other “formal” events, you’re offering a bunch of “informal” or alternative activities like sunrise yoga, running/walking, picnics and baseball games. Are you giving more space to the “mix and mingle” approach to increase networking?

Absolutely. The “mix and mingle” activities are designed to support our “Connect, Reconnect, and Innovate” motto this year at AudiologyNOW! We are aware that it is the conversations that occur in the hallways or in the exhibit space, the events, and even the night clubs, which provide immeasurable opportunities for professional growth and personal connections. The collegiality and camaraderie that occurs outside of the formal educational sessions at AudiologyNOW! might be, in fact, the best part of the conference. We are looking forward to providing more fun and informal events this year to allow attendees to unwind and connect or reconnect with colleagues in a friendly and fun setting.

What is this year's representation of the different product families on the exhibit hall? Have you noticed any evolution –for example, has the presence of technological start-ups or related services increased? Also, where do they come from geographically?

Over the past decade, the emergence of online learning, or access to electronic journals, or the opportunity to interact with experts in real time has expanded our opportunities for learning and acquiring new skills and knowledge. With that increasing demand for instant experiences comes a greater presence in technical startups, both online and in person. Today, the options for learning are vast and typically instant. At AudiologyNOW, attendees have the opportunity to meet with a myriad of exhibitors to experience their newest products and technological developments – instantly!

Our exhibitors represent companies, organizations and services that are based within both the continental United States and countries from around the world. As the global economy continues to grow, so too does the global representation in our exhibit hall. Our industry is inundated with technological progress, and there are no signs that it is slowing down.

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Photo: American Academy of Audiology