Unitron picks Spain to launch its European "engagement" to patients


Unitron's Engage Event

"Engage" is the motto of the renowned producer and distributor's annual conference, held this year in Barcelona from September 20 to 23 , its aim to get across a spirit of "change of panorama" and a first-hand grasp of what it means to "capture patients for life".

The event has focused new kinds of patients, new expectations, and a new "world" in healthcare that creates "opportunities" for hearing professionals in terms of redifining their relationships with users of their services. This is the language being used by the firm at this event, with an appeal to "commitment" expressed, in English, by the word "engage".

For this pioneer brand in hearing aid technology, the event has been a chance to explore the question of customer loyalty, led by leading experts in the key areas of involving patients in the "digital revolution in hearing care", say Unitron sources. The goal was to identify how new viewpoints can lead to improving quality of hearing treatment, as well as to share advice and tactics for strengthening positions and moving forward in professional practices.

As a technological tool, the Canadian manufacturer has now launched its new star product, the "world's smallest RIC hearing aid", MoxiTM. Now, which joins the award-winning Moxi family.

"The full scope of healthcare is rapidly evolving, and access to technology is bringing outlooks that were hitherto unthinkable," underlines Bruce Brown, Global Marketing VP at Unitron. "Our work at Unitron is to place the patient at the heart of our innovative work in order to lead industry growth and show our users how to understand and successfully adapt to this new and different healthcare panorama," he adds.

Unitron's Engage Event 2016

Prestigious specialists at this annual gathering will include Jim Tincher, founder of "Heart of the Customer" and "CCXP" (Certified Customer Experience Professional), and author of the "It's all about the emotions" blog, which sits within the Unitron website. "Over the past year, I have had the privilege of working closely with Unitron in successful clinical teams, and the opportunity to share impressions with users on changes in how health service consumers behave with hearing professionals," said Tincher.

Delegates have also had the benefit of hearing Dr. Aenor Sawyer, associate director of strategic relations in the UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation, a leader in working with health technologies (telemedicine and digital devices); and Steve Eagon, director of Unitron's In-Clinic Success.

Photos: Dan Taylor @ Heisenberg Media