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Lawrence Eng, AuD, president of the American Academy of Audiology, is looking forward to AudiologyNow! 2016: “it will be exciting and innovative. Four days may not even be enough to discuss all topics at hand!”

The Academy President Lawrence Eng welcomes the audiologists, including the international visitors. “We are looking forward to seeing thousands of colleagues from all over the world”, he says. “The organization of the conference is in the capable hands of Joscelyn Martin, AuD. With her very creative team she will set up innovative presentations, covering as much topics as possible from different angles and interesting to audiologists from all over the world. Besides the lectures and events, visitors can learn about the newest technology.”

Packed with sessions

Every single day of AudiologyNOW! will be packed with sessions. Important on Wednesday, April 13, is the fullday conference of the Academy Research Conference on Central Auditory Processing Disorders Evaluation and Treatment (read about Prof Jos Eggermont's lecture). Eng: “An impressive lineup of speakers from all over the world will address the importance of hearing beyond the periphery. They will share their knowledge on the various functions and dysfunctions of the entire auditory system and on the research and practices in the areas of auditory processing and rehabilitation.” On Thursday, be sure not to miss Orna Drawas, author of the book ‘Perform Like A Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch’. “Ms Drawas is the keynote presenter of the program and a very dynamic and motivational speaker”, says Eng.

Learning Labs and DiscovEARy

A novelty are the ‘Learning Labs’, to be held on the first day of AudiologyNOW! “They offer in-depth, cuttingedge information in hot topic areas, such as ‘cerumen management’ and ‘genetics and hearing’. The labs are designed to be interactive and to afford opportunities for hands-on exercises with appropriate clinical practices”, he says.

Also interesting is the DiscovEARry Zone, from Wednesday to Friday. “It’s an interactive exhibit designed to promote prevention of hearing loss from recreational sound exposure. In the Zone you can watch Harry Hearing teaching children of all ages and parents about the dangers of sounds and how to protect their hearing. Audiologists can learn how to enhance or expand their practice by using tools developed by, and available from the DiscovEARy Zone. There will be, among others, posters, books, models, and interactive apps for tablets.”

Meet your colleagues

The range of social events is wide. Wednesday, April 13, marks the official kick-off of AudiologyNOW! Eng: “We call it ‘Celebrate Audiology’ and it’s a fun-filled event. There’s entertainment food and you can mingle with colleagues and industry representatives.” That same night, the ‘2016 Happy Hour’ offers an opportunity to mingle with friends old and new at the Hotel Oculus. Money will be raised for research in the field of hearing. Also, ‘Cheers for Ears’ takes place at the Lucky Strike @ Gypsy Bar.

On Thursday, April 14, the Academy recognizes those individuals who have made significant contributions to the profession of audiology and its related fields at the ‘Honors & Awards Banquet’.

Lawrence Eng: “They inspire us to greater heights and remind us of the contributions made on behalf of persons with hearing loss.” At Friday, too, there will be a social event. It’s the ‘Adult Play-Date at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, for all audiologists who are young at heart.

Lawrence Eng is looking forward to AudiologyNOW! “There’s so much going on that four days will certainly not be enough to cover all topics.” Besides research and applications, audiologists will surely discuss some political hot topics. One is the PCAST (President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology) that voted and approved the report on ‘Aging America & Hearing Loss: Imperative of Improved Hearing Technologies’. “The report makes specific recommendations regarding hearing loss and hearing technologies, that the HIA (Hearing Industries Association) strongly disagrees with. It’s a big issue.” The accessibility and affordability of hearing aids is also subject of the Medicare Audiology Services Enhancement Act, supported by the American Speech- Language-Hearing Association and the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Eng: “The Academy however decided not to support the act, because it does not advance our goal of achieving autonomous practice for audiologists”, Eng says. “The legislation adds an unnecessary and unacceptable level of physician oversight to an audiologist’s ability to provide high quality hearing and balance care.” These two domestic issues will certainly be discussed at AudiologyNOW! Thirdly, the Academy aims at finding funding for the position of director of the WHO program for the deaf and hard of hearing. “The position is in jeopardy, and with it the coordination of the programs regarding hearing loss, hearing

“Changes for the better”

Lawrence Eng is President of the American Academy of Audiology since July 1, 2015. He succeeded Erin Miller. Eng is director of audiology services at the Maui Medical Group in Wailuku, Hawaii, and senior audiologist at Advanced Pacific Hearing and Vestibular. The Academy is doing well, he says. “Over the past few years, there have been a lot of changes for the better. We have realigned our goals, reviewed our strategic plan and are looking forward to moving on with our partners and staff.”

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