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Audiology Worldnews AudiologyNOW!2016 Special Issue
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The 28th annual conference of the American Academy of Audiology starts today in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. This truly is an international event with delegates and exhibitors arriving from 40 different countries. Joscelyn Martin, AuD, Program Committee chair for AudiologyNOW! 2016 welcomes everyone; “With a backdrop like sunny Phoenix, AudiologyNOW! will inspire you to create a bright future—for your individual practice and for our profession as a whole.”

Audiology Worldnews will be there and offers the delegates an AudiologyNOW! special print issue. Our network of international correspondents brings audiology features –specially focused on research and tech subjects- from across the world. And for the first time Audioenportada joins these pages as guest star, so you can get to know more of our information website in Spanish. Find below some of the contents of the magazine:

Enjoy this spring Audiology Worldnews issue!

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