What is the NEW NORM? Photos of hearing aids impact awareness, so GN is updating the images available

The following images on this page are from a new image bank of high-quality hearing aid pictures available on the free stock photo site Unsplash.

Published on 25 March 2024

What is the NEW NORM? Photos of hearing aids impact awareness, so GN is updating the images available

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THE NEW NORM, as the image bank project is named, is the response of hearing aid manufacturer GN Group to what it decries as “the outdated images you often see in media and culture”. These new photos made available by GN “reflect the true picture of modern hearings aids and those who wear them”, says the hearing device producer.

The photos are by Los Angeles based photographer Gala Ricote, a hearing aid wearer.

The images feature other aid users, recording artist Jacob Kulick, historian Jaipreet Virdi, DJ and radio personality Julie Slavin, successful singer-songwriter James Page, comedian Lara Ricote, and others who, for GN, come across visually in a way “to help replace the outdated and stereotypical imagery that we often see and challenge the misperceptions about hearing loss and hearing aids.”

© Photos by GN Group on Unsplash Julie Slavin

The New Norm image bank does indeed respond to a need for images of hearing aids that reflect diversity and keep up to date. Journalists seeking fresh hearing health images are not well served by photo libraries. Having some younger faces, and cooler looks certainly should be welcomed.

© Photos by GN Group on Unsplash Jaipreet Virdi models a ReSound aid

But is it a new norm to have photographic studio shots that look not a little like the photos that have always been the norm in advertisements? And doesn’t the fact that all the models in these images wear a GN ReSound hearing aid rather suggest that marketing opportunity is as compelling a reason for the image bank as increasing awareness?

“The branding is not visible in the majority of images,” a GN spokesperson told this publication. And that seems to be the case. However, hearing aids are small, and their invisibility is a key selling point, so it is usual for all but the expert marketing eyes to not make out the brand in a hearing aid photo. Is there any reason why other manufacturers, photographers, or audiologists cannot add to the images in this project? GN’s answer is: “Through this campaign, GN aims to build the largest and most diverse modern image bank of people wearing hearing aids. This is just the beginning and we are now exploring ways in which we can keep growing the collection.” Watch this space!

© Photos by GN Group on Unsplash James Page

© Photos by GN Group on Unsplash Jacob Kulick

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