Star Trek legend adds his fame to Demant-linked hearing care awareness campaign



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Whither he goes, whether boldly or by the hand of Bezos, William Shatner certainly gets around for a nonagenarian. Now he is featuring in a hearing health awareness campaign run by the Demant-owned US clinic chain, HearingLife.

Just back from space himself, Shatner, who achieved icon status playing Captain Kirk in the sci-fi series Star Trek, can now be seen in a video surrounded by a parrot, a fish tank, and a fireplace. In his latest role, in this ad agency-created TV spot, Shatner uses his persuasive powers to underline the importance of having a hearing test.

And while his great age, 91, is one that must be expected to bring hearing difficulties to even Captain Kirk himself, the actor is also known to have suffered from problems since an on-set explosion in Star Trek left both him and co-star Leonard Nimoy with tinnitus.

HearingLife was heavily involved in the creative side of the video, in which Shatner highlights the absence and sudden reappearance of the sounds of the parrot, the gurgling fish tank, and the crackling fire. The Demant chain, which has nearly 700 hearing care centres across 42 US states, will carefully monitor the campaign's results to gauge its success in creating awareness, generating leads, and achieving appointment bookings.

Source: PR Week