Need funding or support for hearing initiatives that benefit under-privileged kids? Apply this September to Sonova's Hear the World foundation.



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Throughout September 2021, Sonova's Hear the World Foundation is accepting applications for funding from aid organisations benefiting people in need with hearing loss.

The Hear the World Foundation was set up by the Sonova Group in 2006 to support projects around the world enabling children with hearing loss to develop appropriate to their age. HTW has announced that it will receive appllications for support up to September 30, and can offer help in the form of financial resources, hearing solutions from the Sonova product portfolio (hearing aids, cochlear implants, wireless microphone systems), diagnostic equipment, and audiological expertise.

The Foundation supports programs and initiatives that:

  • Work towards improving hearing healthcare for children in underserved communities;
  • Have a holistic program framework and a strong emphasis on building local capacity;
  • Use evidence-based ways to achieve specified outcomes in hearing health and show willingness and capacities to participate in monitoring and evaluation;
  • Follow an inclusive approach.

To find out about Hear the World's funding criteria click here. For funding principles, click here. To see its funding programmes, click here. And to apply, for further information about the application process as well as a link to the application form, click here.

Source: Sonova