Submissions invited for new Hearing Technology Innovator Awards




The celebration of technological innovation and achievement in the hearing industry is behind a new awards programme launched by the independent online audiology site Hearing Health and Technology Matters (HHTM).

The call has gone out for submissions to find the inaugural year's nominees for awards conferred in five categories: Hearing Aids; Personal Listening Devices; Assistive Technology and Software; Equipment; Auditory Implants. There will be an overall "Innovation of the Year" Award voted on by an independent panel of highly qualified judges.

Each company is allowed one entry per category, with the exception of ‘Auditory Implants’, where companies are allowed two entries. There is a $99 entry fee per submission. Proceeds generated by this year’s awards program will be donated to the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA).

"People who are part of the HLAA community are those who use technology to stay in the hearing world”, said HLAA President, Barbara Kelley. “We depend on innovation in hearing technology to keep pace with other technology advancements. I hope this HHTM competition inspires companies and individual inventors to stretch for new ways to keep people with hearing loss connected."

For more information on the awards, click here.

Source: HHTM