Starkey hands out to help soothe effects of Aussie bushfires catastrophe



© gajendra bhati - iStock

The hearing aid giant, Starkey, has provided a $15,000 donation to a number of charities working to bring aid and relief to areas of Australia and local wildlife affected by the country's devastating bushfires.

Since September 2019 and Australia's driest spring on record, bushfires have spread out of control, with Queensland and New South Wales on the eastern side of the country being put under a state of emergency. Estimates of deaths of animals range from half a billion to billions. Around 30 people have also lost their lives, and these include firefighters.

Starkey Hearing Technologies President Brandon Sawalich said: “The images of the destruction and people being displaced from their homes and families and the unimaginable damage to Australia's wildlife bring all that's important to the forefront– respect for life and helping people. We are a company built on people helping people, and we want to put our words into action. Doing what's right, acts of kindness, and supporting people is the Starkey way.” 

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, Australia's Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery, and the NSW Rural Fire Service are some of the charities receiving the Starkey help.

Source: Starkey/Audiology Online