70% of US seniors with hearing loss are isolated, resource hub underlines



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Awareness of hearing loss is crucial to quality of life in later years, and a US resource hub—AginginPlace.org—is boosting its push to reach seniors with a special guide to the subject.

The Aging In Place group provides a number of expert guides to help over-70s manage an indepedent living style. Of all seniors suffering from hearing loss who might benefit from hearing aid, only 30% actually use them. The remaining 70% struggle on in isolation.

An Aging In Place "Comprehensive Guide to Hearing Loss"offers a basic explanation of types of hearing loss, warning signs, and how it occurs, together with extensive advice on treatment and prevention, as well as how to talk to seniors with signs of hearing loss.

The resource hub is also aimed at reducing the stigma associated with the use of hearing aids.

Source: Aging In Place