The expansion of Lumity: Phonak's flagship hearing aid fans out to all ages and loss levels

Now available in the US, and hitting the UK and Ireland from March 4, Phonak's Lumity hearing aid technology has extended to encompass Audéo L-312, Naída L SP, and Sky L, M, and SP.

Published on 22 February 2024

The expansion of Lumity: Phonak’s flagship hearing aid fans out to all ages and loss levels

With these new additions, Phonak’s Lumity technology is being offered for a wide range of hearing needs, addressing core concerns of hearing aid wearers, and bringing innovative features, connectivity options, and personalised control through the myPhonak and myPhonak Junior app.

New form factors, power, and an award-winning paediatric option

Audéo L-312: A New Form Factor for Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Audéo L-312 introduces a new replaceable battery option to meet the diverse needs of clients while featuring SmartSpeech Technology for improved speech understanding and reduced listening effort. Universal connectivity ensures users can stay connected to the world around them.

Naída L-SP: Super Power for Super Performance

The Super Power (SP) version of Naída is the most popular form factor. Designed to meet the needs of individuals with severe hearing loss, these Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids underwrite their durability and reliability with an IP68 rating, and they pair with Roger remote microphone technology for better hearing in noise and at a distance.

Sky L-M and SP: Empowering the Next Generation

Sky Lumity, with now the M form factor for infants and the most popular Super Power (SP) version, expands the Phonak Paediatric offering. Recipient of a 2023 Hearing Technology Innovator Award, Sky Lumity is designed for children and teenagers, prioritising speech understanding in noisy classroom environments.


The myPhonak Junior app, winner of the Hearing Technology Innovator 2023 award in the Mobile Apps for Hearing Devices category, seamlessly integrates with a broad selection of Phonak hearing aids. This dedicated paediatric app empowers children and allows parents to monitor wearing time, schedule remote consultations, and set parental controls.

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Source: Phonak