An L shape? Widex is looking at hearing aids from a different - and interesting - angle

Widex has launched the Widex SmartRIC, a hearing aid featuring an innovative L-shaped design aimed at improving microphone angles to enhance directionality and speech targeting.

Published on 15 February 2024

An L shape? Widex is looking at hearing aids from a different – and interesting – angle

How does this change things? By placing the SmartRIC higher up on the ear, the angle between the device’s two microphones becomes closer to horizontal. This, says Widex, enables the directional microphone to align with what patients are focusing on, resulting in an improved signal-to-noise ratio in noisy environments. This enhancement is designed to help patients engage in every social situation and live their lives more fully.

“Elevated on the ear and engineered with improved microphone angles, Widex SmartRIC directs focus where it is needed most – honing in on what truly matters in any sound environment,” says Widex Vice President of Marketing Alan Raffauf. “By rethinking the way sound is captured in a hearing aid, we’re helping patients enjoy a more engaged life, a life where they feel more connected to natural sound in any situation.”

The brand still believes that in most situations natural sound is better than over-processed sound, but it does apply directionality and noise reduction in specific noisy situations where patients need support. SmartRIC’s optimised microphone angles enhance the applied directionality in these situations, says Widex.

In addition to the L-shaped angle, Widex has made several other design enhancements such as microphone inlets to reduce wind and touch noise to make these otherwise challenging situations more comfortable and natural.


The longest lasting rechargeable RIC from Widex – 37 hours


There is a fast-charging case included — Widex’ first-ever portable charging solution. The sleek, compact case can fully charge the hearing aids in four hours, or add eight hours of continuous use through a 30-minute fast charge. It offers five full charges and fits right into a pocket or small bag.

Plus, SmartRIC is the company’s longest-lasting rechargeable RIC hearing aid, providing up to 37 hours on a single charge.

The company’s PureSound with ZeroDelay technology platform is at the heart of the processing. Widex claims that PureSound with ZeroDelay delivers the fastest sound processing in a digital hearing aid and “eliminates the tinny, artificial sound commonly associated with other hearing aids”.

The SmartRIC will be available in the US for purchase this month – February – in five premium color options, providing hearing care professionals and their patients with a powerful new device for delivering the most natural sound experience.

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Source: Widex