MedRx launches its first wireless REM system: AWRC

The US-based manufacturer MedRx has announced the expansion of its audiometer and real ear verification product lines with the addition of the AWRC: a computer-powered audiometer and wireless REM combination system.

Published on 13 May 2023

MedRx launches its first wireless REM system: AWRC

This is MedRx’s first wireless REM system, offering hearing care providers increased flexibility in their hearing aid fittings. According to MedRx’s President, Caleb Sparkman: “The AWRC is our most advanced system to date. We strove to create a product that had ability to complete high frequency audiometry with the power from a USB cable. We also wanted to remove the restrictions that cables provide during real ear measurement. This lead us to two independent wireless REM probes a true innovation to the industry.”

Anytime cables can be removed from an office is a good thing and we are excited to have these in clinics around the world,” Sparkman added.

MedRx Diagnostic’s AWRC includes features such as wireless Bluetooth probe microphones, high frequency testing up to 20,000Hz for audiometry, 12,500Hz for REM, and a portable charging dock, in addition to all standard MedRx audiometer and verification features. Like all MedRx computer-based equipment, the AWRC uses the MedRx Studio software suite to manage the equipment modules, providing a seamless transition between testing and fitting screens during patient appointments.

The AWRC is currently available in the United States and select countries. For more information contact the firm’s U.S. Office at (888)392-1234, or if located outside the U.S., please contact the International office at +49 30 70 71 46 50.

Source: MedRx