Phonak lures the reluctant with a sleek seven-degree left and right option: Slim Lumity for order UK and Ireland from May 2.

Those reluctant to use hearing aids because of how they look or how they make them feel have had Swiss brand Phonak doing some thinking about how to give devices a style to match hearing performance.

Published on 10 April 2023

Phonak lures the reluctant with a sleek seven-degree left and right option: Slim Lumity for order UK and Ireland from May 2.

The outcome of these ruminations is an addition to the brand’s recently launched Lumity platform, a Phonak Slim Lumity model that will test group research that suggested that 60% of people might feel more confident with this sleeker design.


Slim angles for hearing aid forms, and L and R shaping


The manufacturer has bent over backwards to meet the reluctant user on the style scale. How much? Seven degrees is the answer. That is the angle applied to Slim Lumity to achieve a contoured fit behind the ear, even for those who wear glasses. And there’s a distinct left and right design for each ear too.


Cool colours and a traditional button solution for ease of use


Modern lifestyle tastes are observed in Slim Lumity’s four two-tone colour options, which include Sandalwood, Silver Graphite and Copper—all paired with Black. For enhanced ease of use, a push button provides instant access to a variety of personalization and connectivity options.

The model’s key technological features include:

– Universal Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free calling, and Tap Control for enhanced functionality ;

– Activity tracking including steps, wearing time and goal setting;

– SmartSpeech Technology, which Phonak claims helps improve speech understanding in noisy environments;

– Speech Enhancer to reduce listening effort and providebetter speech intelligibility for speech over distance;

– Compact sleek matching Slim Charger providing a full day of hearing in just three hours.

Phonak      The Roger On remote mic, now with new features



Phonak Updates for Roger On and CROS Paradise accompany Slim announcement


Phonak has also announced a New Roger On remote mic, which adds news features to the group’s original, award-winning Roger On device, including a new Headset Mode so Roger On can now be used as a headset for online calls, allowing two-way voice streaming when connected to a computer via USB cable.

CROS Paradise compatibility with the myPhonak app also been announced this April 2023. The latest update now includes support for CROS Paradise (P) wearers, giving CROS P wearers enhanced connectivity by allowing them to conveniently control their CROS P systems via any smartphone. This includes the ability to adjust volume and Bluetooth streaming sessions, add or change programs, participate in Remote Support sessions, and more.

Phonak Slim Lumity will be available to pre-order in 90 and 70 performance levels to licensed hearing care professionals in UK & Ireland as of May 2, 2023 with shipping commencing May 18, 2023. New Roger On will be available as of June 5. The myPhonak app is now available and supports CROS P wearers worldwide.

For more information and to find a local hearing care professional, click here.

Source: Phonak