Nothing less than the dawn of everything for Starkey's new range

Starkey's newest hearing aid release has a biblical name - Genesis Al - and marketing claims to match: "the biggest leap forward ever in hearing technology"; "a new beginning for the hearing industry".

Published on 30 March 2023

Nothing less than the dawn of everything for Starkey’s new range

But there was no major surprise as to what is under the casing, as the US firm continues its development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, technology set to be standard in all modern hearing aids, though each manufacturer claims advantages over the next.

The notable features of the new devices are many, and undoubtedly the fruits of quality research by the group’s tech guru Mr. Achin Bhowmik and his team. Their developments over recent years have come to dominate the Starkey narrative, and their work with the Edge AI platform has won awards.

In Genesis, the Starkey Neuro Processor uses a deep neural network (DNN) accelerator, and this, claims Starkey, helps the hearing aid adapt to more listeningsituations than ever before. Starkey Neuro Sound Technology automatically adjusts the hearing aidover 80 million times per hour and boasts a new compression system to reduce listening effort. Edge Mode+ gives users the ability to prioritise clearer speech or listening comfort, while a handy translation feature means in-ear, real-time translation of 77 languages (50 more than its predecessor).

Personal Health Monitoring is another of Starkey’s current value propositions. Genesis Al has 3D sensors for health and wellness tracking, and now offers the addition of specific indoor biking, walking, running, and aerobics data.

For more information on Genesis Al, click here.

Source: Starkey