Lumity's arrival brings Phonak's "best performance in speech understanding"

Phonak's first platform launch since its successful Paradise range is now upon us. It is called Lumity and it is being launched as the ultimate conversation aid.

Published on 23 August 2022

Lumity’s arrival brings Phonak’s “best performance in speech understanding”

Available and shipping to the UK and Ireland from today, August 23, Lumity drives Phonak’s next generation of hearing aids, the brand extolling the platform’s power in speech understanding and intelligibility, as well as its universal Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition to the Phonak SmartSpeech Technology focus on improved speech understanding and reduced listening effort, Lumity offers sophistication in directional microphone technology with improved speech detection and speech understanding through new StereoZoom 2.0 and SpeechSensor. Phonak points out that “directional microphone technology has been one dimensional with sharp focus on a single or main source of sound; StereoZoom 2.0 provides a smoother, gradual and continuously adaptive focus on a conversation partner while simultaneously maintaining a balance of environmental awareness.”


Optional integrations for greater speech understanding


Further boosts for speech understanding come with the Lumity platform’s ActiveVent receiver and Roger On, two optional integrations, the first a receiver that, says Phonak, provides an average of ten percent better speech understanding in noise, while the Roger On mic system helps users cope in background noise and over distance.


Waterproof option: Audéo Life


Phonak Audeo Lumity is also available as Phonak Audéo Life, a hearing aid that is waterproof (Up to 50 cm) and tested beyond IP68 rating for not only fresh water, but also salt or pool water and sweat.

Angela Pelosi, Director of Global Audiology for Phonak. “With Lumity, we’re delivering on that front with technology that offers our best performance in speech understanding, even in loud noise environments.

“Despite many significant advancements in hearing aid functionality and ease of use, hearing care professionals and their clients continue to ask for ways to enhance what is the most basic but still the most important purpose of a hearing aid: better speech understanding,” Pelosi continued.

For full details on Lumity, including its connectivity options, go to this Phonak site.

Source: Phonak