Discretion and customisation underpin Own, Oticon's new custom hearing aid range

Oticon has announced the launch of a new range of custom hearing aids. The highlights? The brand's smallest custom design to date, and all the power, speed, and features of the Polaris platform.

Published on 12 August 2022

Discretion and customisation underpin Own, Oticon’s new custom hearing aid range

The new range includes an invisible-in-canal (IIC) style that nine out of ten users found to be invisible in the brand’s own research. Oticon Own ITE hearing aids are fully customised to each individual user, and the new Oticon Own IIC and CIC hearing aids can now be fitted to level 90, while the ITC, ITE HS and ITE FS can be fitted to level 100. The manufacturer points to the advantage of enabling hearing care professionals to “fit more ears so that more users can actually choose to have an ITE style”.


Deep Neural Network


The AI-inspired deep neural network that Oticon used in its highly successful More aids has been incorporated into this latest range. This means the user hearing sounds in a natural way, says Oticon, the device being programmed with 12 million real-life sound scenes.


Oticon technology


Other features in Oticon Own includes MoreSound Amplifier, which precisely balances amplification, MoreSound Optimiser, proactively eliminating feedback. While with MoreSound Intelligence, the brand claims a breakthrough for the new range in reducing listening effort for users. Pupillometry tests showed pupil size of Oticon Own users was reduced by 30% (according to Oticon’s own testing).




For tinnitus sufferers, Oticon Own also includes Oticon’s Tinnitus SoundSupport, which provides relief sounds.




Many Oticon Own styles are Made for iPhone and compatible Android devices. In addition, iPhone and iPad users can enjoy hands-free communication thanks to Apple’s support for bi-directional hearing aids. 2.4GHz Bluetooth LETechnology s introduced from the Oticon Own ITC style upwards, making the Oticon Own ITC the smallest, fully featured ITE hearing aid in the Oticon portfolio.

“Custom hearing aids overcome many of today’s challenges of wearing behind-the-ear hearing aids, such as wearing glasses and facemasks,” said Oticon’s Vice President of Audiology, Thomas Behrens. “For active users especially, wind noise is reduced and stability increased. We are really proud to make custom hearing aids available to so many more users, and without compromising the life changing hearing experience we have to offer.”

Available in five styles, with five price points and five colours, delivering a complete custom product family from Oticon for hearing care professionals to offer, read more about Oticon Own here.

Source: Oticon