GN ReSound's new Custom is a "full-time" hearing aid with an earbud design

Rechargeable and street-stylish, the new ReSound Custom hearing aid has a planned regulatory and global roll-out date of June 29, 2022. It confirms GN Hearing's faith in the attraction of the earbud form factor.

Published on 17 June 2022

GN ReSound’s new Custom is a “full-time” hearing aid with an earbud design

But whereas the recently launched Jabra Enhance Plus is intended for people needing occasional hearing support, Custom is aimed at full-time hearing support.

And GN’s announcement underlines that the earbud form factor means users can wear glasses or face masks without worrying about them getting snagged on their hearing aids. They can also take hands-free phone and FaceTime calls on their iPhone or iPad with the touch of a finger.


24 hour charge duration


A medical-grade device, Custom is moulded to fit the user’s unique ear canal,and can be worn comfortably and confidently all day long. And 24 hours is also their single-charge use-time, even for streaming, says GN.

The manufacturer also claims Custom offers 30% better speech understanding in noise and 1-2 dB more directional benefit. The solution incorporates All-Access Directionality, meaning the hearing aids automatically adjust to surroundings in real time. This enables the brain to select sounds naturally so that no matter the situation, users can enjoy conversations and sounds without being cut off from their surroundings. Custom offers streaming from iPhone and iPad or Android smartphones.

GN Hearing CEO, Gitte Aabo explains, “GN Hearing is challenging conventions and setting the stage for an entirely new standard. This new sleek design will make people think again and encourage them to take care of their hearing health by offering the most advanced hearing aid technology in a design they will love.”

For more information on ReSound Custom, click here.

Source: GN Hearing