Audiologist of the Year 2016: Congratulations to our 8 country winners!

Spain: Bibiana Sovieri González

Bibiana Sovieri González

She who works for CEA SCP in Las Palmas and she is Spanish Audiologist of the Year. Bibiana’s patient, Saúl Darío Díaz Ruíz’s hearing impairment began at a very young age and affected her school life, impacting on both her education and enjoyment. Visits to numerous specialists failed to identify the problem.

Saúl said: “My parents turned to Bibiana as a last resort, hoping for a glimpse of light at the end of an unending dark tunnel. My father’s suspicions were confirmed—I had bilateral hearing impairment (profound sensorineural hearing loss, or SNHL).

“Bibiana not only endeavoured to find a solution for me, but offered us the support we needed - something truly essential under those circumstances. She fought so that I would have an improved quality of life, which is why I've been seeing her for years to continue undergoing convenient testing. She is an uplifting person who is always available to help you with anything, and who will get to the root of the problem and find a solution.

“At the age of 15, she gave me the chance to get a closer look at the life of an audiologist. I set aside time merely to see how she treats patients and looks for solutions to the day to day problems she’s faced with. As a result, I studied audioprosthetics and am blessed to say that I am now doing my internship with her, learning at her side.”

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