Auditdata: tools to excel in business


As the global hearing profession faces change and what seems to be many threats, we think it is imperative that businesses have access to the best tools and data. Three things are vital to survive and thrive: Best Practice testing and fitting, Experience and journey management of customers, A deep understanding of how processes affect the bottom line.

Adaptive Powerful Patient Management

Outstanding experiences leads to both patient retention and referral. To deliver the best experience to your patients, you need to be able to manage them and their journey efficiently and effectively.

Whether you are a one site family owned Practice or a multi-site global business, you need a powerful, adaptive and easy to use patient and prospect management system to provide it.

Best Practice, Best Way?

It is accepted that best practice testing and fitting protocols are best for Patient satisfaction and continued success, for you to offer them, you need reliable, easy to use equipment that facilitates your processes, not hinders them.

More than that, you need to understand what effect those processes have on conversion and retention so you can make intelligent commercial decisions.

Meeting your Needs

Auditdata have over twenty-five years of history providing class-leading tools and service to the Audiology profession. We have built upon this experience to offer an integrated completely Noah integrated product line-up that delivers the tools and information that we believe will help you succeed.

Our Primus system offers in-depth and integrated testing procedures in one system that supports workflows and has no calibration downtime.

Our Strato patient management system offers comprehensive clinical and commercial Patient management in an easy to use software package.

AuditBase, our tailor-made office management software supports hospital workflows and optimizes patient treatment in public sector audiology.

While we believe that each of our products offers outstanding benefits in their own right, when you use them together, they deliver so much more.

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