Sound Bounce launch the world's first smart material hearing protection

Sound Bounce

The Irish based start-up launches the new sound absorbing hearing protection to reduce growing noise related hearing damage.

“Most of our environments do not have constant sound levels, instead having levels that vary. Different functions are required of noise absorption technologies in such settings, and this is a major engineering challenge. That’s where Sound Bounce comes in.” - said Eimear O’Carroll, Co founder and Chief Technical Officer of Restored Hearing.

Sound Bounce is responsive hearing protection – giving the variable noise limiting of noise-cancelling technology, without any of the electronics. Sound Bounce is a smart material insert that is fitted into a set of earmuffs, 800% more absorbent than foam, the technology actively reacts to different noise environments.

When noise levels reach high frequencies the material changes form to absorb these sounds. When in low levels of sound the material lets in desirable sounds, like having a conversation with others with the added benefit of not having to remove your hearing protection. If a sudden loud blast occured Sound Bounce reacts instinctively to block out these dangerous sounds. This technology was developed to help reduce hearing loss caused by noise damage which has been rising as noise pollution becomes a global health issue.

“Sound Bounce uses patented materials technology to engineer a proportional response to the sound environment. This means that Sound Bounce can be tailored to be particularly reactive at certain frequencies. In addition to this it remains relatively passive at low volumes, when environmental noise reaches high volumes the material is highly absorbent.” - said Rhona Togher Co founder and Chief Executive Officer of Restored Hearing.

In November 2016, Sound Bounce will launch their first Kickstarter campaign with a fundraising goal of €15,000. The aim of the campaign is to have their earmuffs CE marked and to begin their first bulk order of Sound Bounce hearing protection.

This new hearing protection, Sound Bounce can be ordered now on Kickstarter.

For further information, visit the Sound Bounce website.