Education key to newborn screening follow up


Educating parents about the importance of follow up after newborn screening could make a difference for early intervention, according to a study from the Medical University of South Carolina Colleges of Nursing. Newborns and mothers completed a demographic survey and an appointment in writing was made with the hospital’s audiologist. A retrospective chart review was performed three months after the newborn's birth to document follow-up with audiology or to see if the infant was lost to follow-up for audiologic evaluation (LFUAE). Of the 17 newborns enrolled, 14 had adequate follow-up with audiology within three months of birth. Hospital A showed statistical significance with one newborn that was lost to follow up when compared to the nation LFU rate (n=12, p=0.01). Prior to project intervention, Hospital B had a 70% LFUAE rate; however, its post intervention lost to follow up rate decreased to 40% (n=5).

Source: ORL Head Neck Nurs. 2012

Rose Simpson