Further roll-out of hearing loop technology


© Anita Valdes

Hearing loop technology that wirelessly transfers sounds and words coming over an auditorium’s sound system directly into hearing aids or cochlear implants has continued its wide-spread roll-out in the USA. The systems are becoming increasingly popular in a wide variety of venues such as churches, library auditoriums, airports, and other public places. Hearing loops involve installing a cable that loops around a given indoor space with a connection to the facility’s conventional sound system. The cable delivers a high-quality signal to the listener.

The Wausau Daily Herald reports on installation of a hearing loop at John Muir Middle School auditorium, in Wausau, Wisconsin. The system was installed for about USD 5,000 using special education funds and is one of two such loops in the area, the other being at the Marathon County Public Library nearby.

According to Nancy Puetz, Wausau School District audiologist, the system really makes a difference to hard-of-hearing students. It allows them to attend school meetings, plays or other performances in the auditorium and makes these events more enjoyable. She says it’s very important that deaf students be able to participate in these activities. In addition, once they know they can benefit from the system, they can look out for the hearing loop sign elsewhere. She adds that people without hearing aids can also benefit through portable receivers with headphones.

Source: Wausau Daily Herald