First middle ear implant in UAE


Dr Georg Sprinzl, ©MED-EL

Dr Georg Sprinzl, consulting ENT surgeon at the HearLIFE Clinic, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) in the United Arab Emirates, performed the country’s first middle ear implant surgery in late February. The patient was a Saudi national in his 60s.

Once the healing process is well underway about four weeks post-surgery, the implant will be activated. “The patient will start to hear in a natural way,” says Sprinzl. “The sound [he will hear] will be of high quality.” “We are able to help patients in a way we could not do 10 years ago,” he adds, highlighting the rapid progress in technology in this field. He says that the device is durable and simple to operate. Dr Sprinzl has conducted 180 implant procedures of this type in various countries, in patients aged 2 to 88 years. The implant can be used in a wide range of circumstances and can be adjusted to individual patient’s requirements.

The device chosen was MED-EL’s Vibrant Soundbridge (VSB) implant. David Raetz, CEO of the Middle East branch of the company said the history of the VSB was very personal to the company since the device was developed by the group’s Chief Technology Officer, Geoffrey Ball, who created it to treat his own deafness. The VSB implant allows for the ear canal to be open to eliminate interference, and works by mechanically causing the middle ear structures to vibrate. This mimics the action produced by sound waves moving through the ear canal.

Source: Gulf News