MED-EL Founder and CEO to receive Lasker Award


© Lasker Foundation. I. Hochmair, G.M. Clark, B.S. Wilson.

MED-EL Medical Electronics has announced that Dr Ingeborg Hochmair, founder and CEO of the company, has been nominated to receive this year’s highly-respected Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award. The prestigious award honors scientists whose work has improved the clinical treatment of patients.

Dr Hochmair, a PhD in electrical engineering, has received the award during a ceremony held in New York City on Friday, September 20, 2013 for her contribution to development of the modern cochlear implant. She shares the award with Graeme M. Clark of the University of Melbourne, and Blake S. Wilson of Duke University, North Carolina.

The award recognizes Dr Hochmair’s pioneering spirit and long-term commitment to the field. With her collaborators, she has overcome a wide range of technical and medical challenges, such as selective targeting of cochlear nerves, careful positioning of electrodes, and preserving the delicate structures of the cochlea.

“I am extremely gratified that our life’s work is being recognized in such a prestigious manner,” said Dr Hochmair. “However, I am even more pleased that this award will raise awareness for the entire field of cochlear implants and its importance as a treatment for small children born with severe-to-profound hearing loss, up to and including older adults who lose their hearing later in life. In so many ways, our work has just begun… We are on the threshold of breakthroughs that would have been considered dreams not long ago,” she added.

Source: The Lasker Foundation, MED-EL Medical Electronics