Awareness of audiology growing among students

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Awareness among college students about the profession of audiology is growing, according to researchers at Texas Tech University. However, awareness of audiology is still relatively low amongst students compared to the professions of optometry and podiatry for those with self-reported knowledge.

A survey examining the awareness and perception of the profession of audiology was administered in 2009 at the California University of Pennsylvania (Emanuel, Donai, & Araj, 2012). A modified survey, which included questions about the awareness of the profession of audiology as well as podiatry and optometry, was distributed in 2012.

“Survey data suggest that, overall, students were more accurate in describing the profession of optometry compared to audiology, but no difference existed between podiatry and audiology,” suggest the study authors at the University’s Health Science Center. “However, students with self-reported awareness of the three professions were more accurate in describing the professions of podiatry and optometry as compared to audiology.”

The purpose of this study was to survey entering college students' awareness of the profession of audiology, as well as comparing the students' awareness of audiology to two other doctoral-level professions.

Source: American Journal of Audiology, 2013

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