California buildings require new access to assistive technologies

California building and accessibility standards are changing and are providing new opportunities for companies to provide assistive listening service solutions to builders, architects, AV professionals and business owners.

Assistive Listening Systems, which are amplification systems utilizing transmitters, receivers, and coupling devices, are now required for all assembly areas, conference rooms and meeting rooms for people with hearing impairments.

Recently, the California Building Standards Commission adopted the 2013 California Building Standards Code, which incorporates proposals by the Division of the State Architect and others to bring California codes in alignment with the federal standards.

"More than 17 percent of the population suffers from some form of hearing loss and California is to be praised for upgrading its state laws to align with the federal ADA standards to ensure that that large portion of society is able to participate in personal, business and cultural events," said Cory Schaeffer, Co-Founder of Listen Technologies. "Listen Technologies has made it possible for California companies to bring their buildings and spaces up to code for Assistive Listening with a package designed to provide the right technology for the right space."

Technologies for assistive listening include RF (Radio Frequency), IR (Infrared) and IL (Induction or Hearing Loop).

Source: Listen Technologies Corporation

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