Audiology students and independent practice


Jim Steiger
A team from the Northeast Ohio AuD Consortium sought to identify variables that help AuD students wheter to enter Independent Practice (IP) or choose another kind of practice setting. The authors sent a survey link electronically to 1,430 members of the Student Academy of Audiology; 300 returned completed surveys.

“We found evidence that the educational experiences and training opportunities we provide students affects their perceptions of practice settings and influences their decisions regarding their preferred practice settings,” said Professor Jim Steiger, the lead investigator. “In our current study we focused on the factors that affect audiology students’ perceptions of independent practice, and also those factors that ultimately influenced their decision to enter that practice setting. We found that students’ decisions regarding independent practice evolved as they progressed through their AuD programs.

The study found nearly 24% of our AuD student participants plan to choose IP immediately upon graduation. Males were more likely than females to choose IP as were those who had an IP rotation and were in the 3rd or 4th year of their AuD program. Important predictors included the survey items "job satisfaction among IP practitioners" and "attractiveness of other specialties", the "patient contact" perception factor, the "overall job satisfaction" influence factor, and the student age (over 30) demographic variable.

Source: Am J Audiol. 2013 Jul 3

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