Utah State students on Ghana Hearing Mission

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Students from Utah State University and the first graduate audiology students ever in Ghana will join forces for a 14 day trek through Ghana to provide much-needed audiological services to underserved populations, particularly children in schools for the Deaf.

The expedition is the result of a partnership between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and KorleBu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana, says John Ribera, who heads the Utah State University’s audiology program.

“The humanitarian arm of the church (LDS Charities) has been helping in a variety of ways to get the program going including supplying used but serviceable equipment,” he told Audiology World News. “In addition, senior or retired audiologists, mostly from the western US have donated hours of instruction both via Skype or face-to-face. The University of Ghana has helped in the development of the curriculum and has appointed a faculty member to oversee the program.” There are four students from Ghana in their first year and four more will be selected to begin in the fall. The first audiology students will graduate in November. Ribera, who is on sabbatical, has been in the country since August to oversee the effort.

The population of Ghana is around 25 million. There is an estimated need for 1,000 audiologists in the country yet there are only eight audiologists, who were trained outside the country, some of whom are retired or getting ready to retire. University of Ghana is initiating a search for audiology faculty to help with teaching and research.

Source:John Ribera

Rose Simpson