Audiologist is fourth best job in America

© Svilen Miley

If you have chosen audiology as a career path, then you have chosen well. According to, audiologist is considered the fourth best job in America for 2013, ranking just below actuaries, biomedical engineers and software engineers. “With an aging population, audiologists are expected to be in high demand over the coming years,” says “As hearing aid technology improves, devices become more attractive to patients and that translates into greater opportunities for audiologists.”

Audiologists agree with the high ranking. “It’s not surprising that audiology is consistently ranked as one of the top professions,” Steve Akin, the President of the Canadian Academy of Audiology said in an interview with Audiology World News. “The profession is in high demand, so employment opportunities are excellent, and it's a profession where you can make a real difference in people's lives every day.

“The work is interesting, challenging, and meaningful. We work with people across their entire lifespan; we have access to cutting edge technology like hearing aids and cochlear implants; and our scope of practice empowers us to make significant contributions in many different ways, such as aural rehabilitation, advanced diagnostics, counseling, advocacy, education and research. It's difficult to imagine a profession that could be more interesting and more rewarding.”

Janet Trychin, an American audiologist, considers audiology a calling. “With all the damage to hearing from loud sounds and toxic chemicals in our environment, someone needs to be at the 'receiving end' to help those in need of aid,” she says. “There needs to be a responsible party who is well trained to give honest and helpful information and not driven by the 'almighty buck' as in the sales of hearing aids only!”