Open Access Guide for ENTs in Developing World launched

A new open access guide has been created to assist otolaryngologists and audiologists in the developing world. The guide is a free text and is intended to help those who manage hearing problems where qualified audiologists are frequently not available.

“There are no copyright restrictions, and colleagues are welcome to use, copy and quote as they wish,” say editors Johan Fagan, Claude Laurent and De Wet Swanepoel. “The textbook is still in evolution and chapters will be added as they are completed over the coming months.”

The project was first launched by the Division of Otolaryngology at the University of Cape Town.

Because of the shortages of medical personnel, outdated equipment, poor health infrastructure and pathology, ENT is delivered differently in the developing world. Examples include: open partial laryngectomy, oncologic surgery without radiation or chemotherapy, open sinus surgery and hammer-and-gouge mastoid surgery.

“Opportunities for training of health professionals are limited,” say the authors. “They often cannot afford textbooks or attend conferences and courses. However, special knowledge and expertise do exist in the developing world countries that need to be harnessed to improve the quality of ENT practice in the developing world and to develop its special brand of ENT.”

Through the website, the International Federation of Otolaryngologic Societies wishes to promote exchanges of ideas between practitioners and institutions in the developing world to promote appropriate teaching and training as well as facilitate links with developed world institutions.

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