Audiology Infos establishes in Turkey


Distributed all around the world in ten languages until now, Audiology Infos has been also published in Turkish since October 1st. The first issue of Audiology Infos Turkey was printed in thousands of copies and distributed to ENT specialists, audiologists, hearing aid specialists and hearing aid firm managers. It was also freely given to the participants of the 6th audiology national congress that took place in Istanbul from 4th to 7th October. The publishing of Audiology Infos in Turkish was well welcomed by the audiology world in Turkey. The Turkish version of the non-stop news channel CNBC covered the topic on 12th October. "The publishing in Turkey of the magazine Audiology Infos was required, notes Jean-Marc Quilbé, chairman of EDP Sciences-EDP Santé group, owner of the magazine. Because Turkey, as in many other fields, experiences a strong growth of the audiology's activities. A legal framework exists now, making it easier for the hearing aid equipment market to grow rapidly. " The second issue of Audiology Infos Turkey is to be published on 1st December and five issues will be published in 2013.

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