First EAS implant surgery in Queensland

The first Electrical Acoustic Simulation System (EAS) implant surgery has been performed in Queensland, Australia by Dr. Ranit De. The patient was implanted under the new Cochlear Implant Programme in Toowoomba, which was established in Australia by the consultant ENT surgeon who is formerly from the UK. The Neurosensory Unit in Toowoomba provides the surrounding communities with access to diagnostic audiology services as well as the latest in hearing implant technology. The MED-EL Electric Acoustic Simulation System (EAS) is designed for individuals with partial deafness and is the first hearing implant system worldwide to combine both cochlear implant and acoustic amplification technology in one device. The outcome of the first EAS implant was highly successful. “There was no change from the pre-and post-operative levels,” says Dr. Ranit De. “The hearing preservation technique was straightforward. Key factors were slow insertion, use of topical and intravenous steroids and the round window approach.”

Source: ENT& Audiology New, January/February 2013