Smartphone app to be used for speech therapy


Spokle app
Photo: © Spokle

Australia-based company Spokle Group has launched a speech therapy app in Indonesia to promote telemedicine, reports the Jakarta Post.

Indonesia is a country with more than 18,000 islands spread across three time zones. This is one of the reasons why it made sense to bring mobile technology to children in Indonesia who need speech and language therapy.

Company Founder Elisabeth Yunarko explains: “It is difficult for many families to access regular treatment. Meanwhile, mobile technology is readily available, so we thought, why not bring expert knowledge to the family?”

The Spokle app is designed following a family-centred approach and aims to provide a way of helping children with hearing impairment to develop listening and speaking skills in a pleasant learning environment. The developers felt the app should be fun and should involve everyone who interacts with the child – parents, family members, therapists, teachers, and nannies. They believe this will help to improve communication through fun, engaging play-based activities.

The programs initially build the essential foundation skills required for good communication, and then progress to more advanced skills. The app can be used to help children as young as 12 months of age. There are also built-in trackers to keep an eye on progress.

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