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Audio Infos Latin America 56

Issue 56 of Audio Infos Latin America, the first of 2017, is already available on our free-access flipbook platform.

Our coverage of scheduled conferences includes an overview of exclusive subjects explored at the AMCAOF (Mexico) and Asoaudio (Colombia) events. At the first of these, Australian Ian Curthoys' focus on vestibulo-ocular reflex dysfunction captured the attention of many delegates already aware of this expert's contribution to developing new equipment for objective measurements of these conditions. In Colombia, meanwhile, the very varied programme spanned vertigo, tinnitus, and central auditory processing, all tackled by international specialists who delved deeper into the technical aspects of each area by holding practical workshops, an innovation at this long-established gathering. The Colombian organisers reported a resounding success for the update event, its format changes proving fundamental in enhancing its academic programme.

Cochlear implants, training and research

This issue also looks at what you will find at the GICCA congress, the latest launches from producers, and the final arrangements for a stellar event that brings 145 speakers from 25 countries and places Chile in the global spotlight. Our pages also boast news of MED-EL, Starkey, and the Spanish Miguel Hernández University.

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