Best Jobs of 2015: No. 2 Audiologist


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CareerCast recently published its Jobs Rated report which examines 200 jobs using multiple criteria and found that Audiologist came in second as the best job, just behind Actuary.

The job portal followed a clear methodology when assessing the various careers and grouped major characteristics into four critical Core Criteria for the jobs. These included Environment, Income, Outlook, and Stress.

For the ‘Environment’ criterion, the analysis looked at both the physical and the emotional environments including such aspects as the degree of competitiveness, hazards, and contact with the public. ‘Income’ took into account both mid-level salaries and growth potential, while ‘Outlook’ ranked jobs based on how promising their futures look. The ‘Stress’ criterion scored 11 factors, ranging from deadlines and working in the public eye, to competitiveness and physical demands. Other stress factors included the amount of travel, own life at risk, and life of another at risk. Results for these Core Criteria were then processed to produce overall rankings to provide the list of best careers.

Audiologist was ranked at second place with a score very near to that of ‘Actuary’. According to the website, “An aging population and more access to preventive healthcare fuel an expected boom for hiring of audiologists.”

Mathematician and Statistician came in just behind Audiologist. In general, the best fields identified were IT and healthcare professions, reflecting current trends in the employment market.