New products

MED-EL: RONDO™ The World‘s First CI Single-Unit Processor is now available!

A new kind of audio processor is available on the market! For the first time, traditional audio processor components, control-unit, battery pack and coil, are combined into one single unit.The fully-integrated design makes RONDO™ simple to wear, and is especially comfortable for people who wear glasses of any kind. With no cable and fewer parts, users benefit from enhanced durability. RONDO™ disappears easily under longer hair. It is based on the proven OPUS Audio Processor platform and features the same signature MED-EL technologies. As announced in Audiology Worldnews earlier this year (here), the CE Mark and FDA approvals were obtained at the end of last year.

Connectivity: Connect to assistive listening devices (ALDs) via the telecoil, or plug in directly by using the Mini Battery Pack and a connection cable.
Weight: 18.5g (as delivered with standard magnet and batteries)
Battery Life: Up to 5 days of use with a set of 3 high-power zinc-air batteries (type 675).
Magnet Strength: Available with soft, standard, strong or super strong magnet.
Sound Coding Strategies: MAESTRO Cochlear Implant System supports the latest generation of FineHearing Technology as well as other advanced coding strategies.
Future Compatibility: Designed for compatibility with upcoming sound coding strategies.

Rehab Apps for Adults and Assessment Apps for Children , by Advanced Bionics


Advanced Bionics announced the launch of two iPad® apps, designed to help adults learning to hear with cochlear implants and hearing professionals working with children. CLIX is the first installment in a suite of rehabilitation applications that make up the Advanced Bionics Listening Exercises (able). The free CLIX app is designed to help adult cochlear implant recipients practice listening for word differences in both quiet and noise. It can also be used by adults with hearing aids. The second app released from AB, IT-MAIS, is a version of a popular assessment tool used by professionals around the world (Infant-Toddler Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale) to evaluate a young child’s response to sound during their first few years of listening with hearing technology. The app will indeed help professionals collect and save parental reports concerning their child’s response to sound through interview format. The test allows creation of up to 30 different child accounts and for repeated interviews.

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DM filters, new filters for hearing protection


DM filter – the new filters for hearing protection. They are certified as PPE and provide a tuned and flat attenuation response throughout the entire frequency range. The system includes three different filters which can be easily replaced and therefore the DLO earmould can be adjusted to different noise situations. It is compatible with In-Ear Monitoring System DS 11 and can be used in Biopor AB earmoulds: Only one customised earmould can be used as a hearing protection system as well as an earphone system.

Noise insulation: 26 dB SNR
Sensitivity (at 1 kHz): 103 dB SPL at 0,1 V RMS

Serenade 2.0 Software for Tinnitus Treatment


Serenade® device is offered by certified audiologists in 43 states, and has been helping patients with debilitating tinnitus (“ringing in the ears”) to find relief thanks to a form of sound therapy. Serenade 2.0, launched at Audiology Now! enables audiologists and other certified hearing healthcare providers to evaluate a patient’s tinnitus, determine its unique characteristics, and program customized, patented treatment sounds onto the Serenade device. New Serenade proposes multiple new features and enhancements, and test reporting and data-logging features have been optimized. A smooth user interface with new help text functionality makes Serenade 2.0 faster and easier to use for the clinician. In particular, an new way to quickly assess key aspects of the perceptual component of a patient’s tinnitus has been implemented.

Personal Audio Enhancer, by VitaSound


PAE-300 is a hearing enhancement product, designed for those with early-stage hearing loss. The PAE-300 helps users better hear and distinguish sounds in situations where background noise or low-sound levels make hearing difficult. It features four sound modes – Watch Mode. Talk Mode. Listen Mode. and Relax Mode. – which provide users with an enhanced hearing experience during everyday ‘hard to hear’ listening situations; primarily while watching TV, conversing in noisy environments, talking on a cellphone, or listening to music through an MP3 player. The product features an advanced noise-suppression technology and is powered by the Neuro-Compensator® hearing engine, which leverages a computer-learning algorithm to enforce an optimal electrical signal from the root of the auditory nerve to the brain.

Dry Caddy: Voted Best New Product on AAA 2013


Ear Technology’s newest product, Dry Caddy, was voted “Best New Product” at the recent AudiologyNOW! Conference held by the American Academy of Audiology in Anaheim. President and Founder of Ear Technology, Dr. Daniel R. Schumaier said, “It’s always an honor when your peers select you as a winner of a new product.” Ear Technology recognized the need to have an economical solution for hearing instrument wearers while traveling and in less demanding environments. “I wanted to invent a passive drying kit that was easy to use and more importantly a product that was worthy of the Dry & Store name,” he said. Dry & Store therfore introduced Dry Caddy™, a passive dryer for hearing instruments, be it hearing aids, personal sound amplifiers, cochlear implant hardware, noise/tinnitus maskers, and in-ear monitors. It requires no recharging, reactivating, batteries or electricity and comes with 6 Dry-Discs. It is not based on silica gel like other desiccants but on a molecular sieve to remove moisture from the tiny crevices, pores, openings, and tubes of hearing devices. It makes it an alternative to electronic devices, that cannot be carried everywhere.

The RONDO cochlear implant from MED-EL

The RONDO cochlear implant


Hear What DREAMS are made of

The new top-of-the-line WIDEX DREAM™ family of hearing aids was recently launched to much success at AudiologyNOW (AAA) congress in Anaheim, California. Delegates were impressed with the ability of DREAM to create an incredibly rich and detailed sound. DREAM does this by using advanced Widex True-Input Technology, which dramatically increases the input range and maintains the fidelity of all sounds entering the hearing aid, resulting in a much better sound picture. This unique technology also significantly improves speech intelligibility for DREAM users, particularly in noisy environments. Advanced integrated signal processing provides an artefact-free signal for optimal sound processing so that users can enjoy uncompromised speech understanding.

Maico unveils next generation of MA41


Introducing the next generation of the classic MA41 portable audiometer from Maico-Diagnostics! This air/bone/speech audiometer has a new ergonomic design, lightweight portability, and many features. A full color display lets you view settings and results on the screen as you test. It also features integrated wavefiles eliminate the need for a separate CD player, while on-board data file and PDF storage. NOAH compatibility allows thresholds to be stored directly into your NOAH database for seamless hearing aid fittings.

XS miniBTE – Think small!


At AudiologyNOW! 2013 in Anaheim, audifon is excited to present its smallest BTE-housing ever built. The very compact XS miniBTE is 45% smaller compared to audifon’s M-housing and 19% to the S-housing. It comes in a nice design, is most comfortable to wear and offers discreetness. Of course the XS miniBTE delivers the same sound quality and features you have come to expect from audifon’s Exclusive Line. The XS miniBTE will be first introduced in the elia and prado family. Stop by at Booth 1637 and see for yourself how small - small can be.