New products

ExSilent launches new app

To give everyone the opportunity to find out in what way the amplification of environmental sounds can improve the quality of everyday life, ExSilent offers an amplification app, the HearYouNow app. November 1st 2012 the HearYouNow app will be available in the app store for free. It uses the iPhone microphone and produces an amplified sound via the headphones. With this app, you can customize the sound performance, depending on different listening environments. Know more on booth #1777 at Audiology Now in Anaheim!


The new version of the two-step (OAE/ABR) Newborn Hearing Screener is fast, accurate and intuitive, and builds on Otometrics’ reputation of having one of the most trusted newborn hearing screeners. One of the major improvements with the new MADSEN AccuScreen is its touch screen. Seen from a workflow point of view the touch screen requires only a few screen clicks to e.g. switch between screens, enter a new patient, start tests and validate cable and probe functionality. Great benefits of the new AccuScreen are the size and weight of the device. It is smaller and lighter than its predecessor and almost all other devices available in the market. When screening babies all day, users will benefit greatly from working with the AccuScreen.

New “invisible” Intigai - OTICON

A tiny new hearing instrument may make it easier for people with a strong preference for an “invisible” hearing solution to take the first step toward better hearing. Designed specifically for people new to hearing instruments, Oticon Intigai is an “out of sight, out of mind” hearing solution that hides comfortably in the ear canal and enables new users to experience the benefits of better hearing right away. Housed in Intigai’s tiny shell are a number of premium audiological features also found in the original Intiga, a family of hearing solutions that has been proven in an international clinical study to deliver immediate benefits and immediate acceptance for people new to hearing instruments (Behrens et al., 2011). Invisible-in-the-ear Intigai’s high-speed sound processing provides access to vital speech cues to improve speech intelligibility and reduce listening effort.

OPUS 2 : The New XS –MEDEL

Enjoy the same great OPUS 2 hearing experience: now available in size extra small. The OPUS 2XS is designed for implant users who need smaller ear-level processors especially children. Light and thin, the OPUS 2XS fits snugly on the ear. Small dimensions and a shorter battery pack provide increased balance for increased wearing comfort. The new OPUS 2XS is the ideal choice for children because its enhanced insulation makes it extra resistant to dirt, dust and sweat. Developed for small ears, the OPUS 2XS is 10mm shorter and 25 percent lighter than the OPUS 2 with a standard battery pack, so that it fits children's ears comfortably and safely. Adults can also appreciate a hearing solution small enough to be worn discreetly.

INIZIA 3 | 1: A Great Start Towards Better Hearing - BERNAFON

Derived from the Italian verb “iniziare” – which means to initiate something or to take first actions – Inizia embodies just that: the ideal start towards better hearing. Inizia is equipped with ChannelFree™ signal processing and advanced technology, and is accessible at an affordable price. With the new Inizia 3 Nano RITE, and three new Inizia 3 custom instrument styles, Inizia has a truly appealing product and style palette. With the addition of a full shell custom made instrument with directional microphones (ITED), and a small and powerful in-the-canal device (ITCP), more clients can benefit from Inizia’s advanced technology at an affordable price. The cosmetically appealing CIC, our smallest instrument, is also now available with more power (CICP).Here is a hearing instrument family with something for everyone and solutions for virtually any hearing loss.