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Apple Watch app controls hearing aids

Hearing aids Apple Watch
Apple Watch


Widex Cros Fusion- Lets users hear both sides of the story

widex cros fusion

Building on the success of WIDEX CROS, Widex now introduces the new CROS FUSION model – the ultimate solution for people with single-sided deafness (SSD).


NoiseWatch app to share experience of noise


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The geographic information systems company Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) recently released a new app to track and share information on noise pollution worldwide.


Inventis Cello

Inventis Cello

The Italian company Inventis introduces its new diagnostic audiometer Cello, PC or iPad controlled. Pure tone and speech audiometry via air and bone conduction or free field; video-VRA test, High-frequency audiometry and QuickSIN® test.


EUROPLASMA presents Nanofics 110® PFOA- and PFOS-free nanocoatings

Belgium based Europlasma, a world leader in low pressure plasma technology, is happy to present at AudiologyNOW! its nanocoating technologies to protect hearing devices against corrosion and damage from liquids under the Nanofics® brand name.


smart optics to present on AAA their 3D-Scanner duo scan and dsProduction

smart optics scanner

In the dental and audiology sector and also in the electronics industry the firm's products have become firmly established owing to their efficiency and quality. The many years of experience and the constant dialogue with clients help them improve and continue to develop their products with a special focus on the client, the quality and the future.


Dynamic Ear introduce the first commercially available Acoustic Leakage Tester (ALT)

Dynamic Ear

Ensuring the correct fit of custom moulds should be carried out on every pair sold however this is not typically the case. Factors limiting the use of leakage testers are size, weight, complicated tubes and noise. When in use they can cause pain for the client due to over or under pressurisation resulting in few mould manufacturers or impression makers having the necessary equipment or inclination to check fit.


Three New Product Introductions This Spring for Bernafon


Bernafon announces three new product introductions that will be presented on AudiologyNow! in San Antonio. The first is a new sensibly smaller and discreet receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) instrument in the Juna 9¦7 premium hearing aid family. For those looking for a midrange family, it is coming this spring with the new Saphira 5¦3. Also being introduced now is the Supremia 7¦3 Super Power BTE for adults and children with severe to profound hearing losses.


audifon's new hearing aid, "saga R" receives "iF DESIGN AWARD 2015"

Saga R

Modern hearing aids impress not only with their functionality but also their design - this has been proven once more through the award of a prestigious prize. The hearing aid manufacturer, audifon, can be suitably pleased with this achievement. Its latest hearing aid, the "saga R", has won the "iF DESIGN AWARD 2015" in the category "Medicine / Healthcare"


"DREAM FASHION POWER - The power to make a difference ", by Widex

Dream Fashion Power by Widex

Widex announces a new member of the DREAM family of hearing aids. DREAM FASHION POWER is a new power BTE designed to give hearing aid users excellent sound with no compromise.