New products

A smart device team-up for the hearing and visually impaired



© Starkey/Orcam

The healthable scope of Starkey's Livio Edge AI hearing aids has been grown to break new ground in assistive technology solutions through a sensory synergy with the award-winning OrCam MyEye device, which provides visually impaired people with hands-free, audio-communicated access to visual information.


Phonak rolls out 4th generation Lyric for an invisible appearance


hearing aid

© Phonak (Sonova)

What the eye doesn't see, the heart of certain stigma-conscious users who want their hearing aids invisible will not grieve but thrill over. Hence, Phonak persisting with an analogue (yes!) device—Lyric—first launched back in 2006. Lyric 4 is here.


Active noise cancellation wired into GN launch and update of its Jabra earbuds


headphone tech

© GN Hearing

Jabra, the headset engineering brand of GN Group, has launched a new Elite 85t earbud set, plus an update for its Elite 75t series; an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) chip is built into both ranges.


Smartphone finding feature included in Starkey expansion of its Livio Edge AI



© Starkey Hearing Technologies

Hot on the heels of the recent launch of its Livio Edge AI hearing aid, the US manufacturer Starkey has now expanded its features to include a "first-of-its-kind" speech enhancement feature, and technology to help wearers find their smartphones.


Phonak's Paradise launches idyllic new breezes in hardware, fitting, and hearing peformance


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© Sonova

The success of Sonova's Phonak Marvel hearing aids needed a guarantee of an afterlife to keep the story going: Audéo Paradise is how the core prayers of the Switzerland-based group's consumers have been answered.


GN's ReSound ONE brings hearing technology back to man's natural sound collector, the ear.


hearing aids

© GN Hearing

Using the human ear anatomy as the point of sound collection for a hearing aid is a method that has eluded efforts in modern hearing aid tech and design, but GN Hearing is claiming a major breakthrough with a device that places both microphone and receiver directly in the ear.


GSI updates Audera EP/OAE device to launch a more flexible Pro version




Grason-Stadler (GSI) has released Audera Pro, a new clinical EP/OAE device for all standard evoked potential tests, plus the possibility (depending on the modality license) of ASSR (auditory steady state responses) and OAE (otoacoustic emissions).


Remote B2C in-ear product portal launched by Lantos



© Lantos Technologies

Lantos Technologies, the US firm behind the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System, has launched a new e-commerce portal enabling consumers to comfortably browse and buy custom-fit hearing products from manufacturers such as Microsonic, Sennheiser and TETRA: Storefront.


Signia Telecare: remote programming; close counselling.



© Signia

Signia TeleCare is an end-to-end, comprehensive remote care solution that allows professionals to adapt existing processes to dispense, fit, and service hearing aids virtually. Professionals need a desktop/laptop computer plus a headset and a webcam; the customer needs a smartphone with the free Signia app downloaded onto it.


New telehealth technology from Phonak for fully-remote hearing aid fittings



© Phonak

Phonak has launched eSolutions, a telehealth technology platform comprising a suite of tools featuring online hearing testing as well as real-time remote hearing aid fitting, programming, and fine-tuning. The tools work together to remotely connect providers with clients at all stages of the hearing care journey from the safety of their homes.