Glasses as a hearing aid, by BHM


It´s not just about better hearing and seeing, it´s about the pleasure of full understanding

It’s always great to hear from you! Access to reliable hearing – ideally in as elegant and inconspicuous a manner as possible – should be a matter of course even for those with impaired hearing. After all, the ability to communicate unhindered and be able to orient oneself is essential!

pan – as individual as you are, with precise directional hearing

Hear better – with glasses.
As an air conduction hearing aid, pan is a high-precise system that gathers the sound by 2 directional microphones and transfers it to the ear through a small loudspeaker and is easy to integrate into any pair of glasses. Experts at BHM-Tech have created an innovative product which enables clear, noisefree hearing caused to the precise directional gathering of sound thus setting completely new standards in terms of relaxed intelligible hearing.