Bernafon presents Carista 5 | 3 and the newest wireless connectivity devices

New Acriva

With Carista 5 | 3, Bernafon’s Audio Efficiency™ technology has become more affordable. This Swiss technology includes high-end features such as Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus, for efficient and impressive noise suppression, and REMfitTM, for a rapid, precise, individual hearing aid fitting. Carista offers customers improved comfort and more options for customization, including options for wireless connectivity. Bernafon’s SoundGate 2, along with the new Phone Adapter 2 and TV Adapter 2, connects to a wide range of electronic devices to transmit audio signals wirelessly to your customers’ hearing aids. With a wireless connection and the hearing aid microphones switched off, there is no risk of unwanted feedback and the signal-to-noise ratio is improved. This results in improved speech understanding and listening comfort for clients at home, work, and on-the-go. Additionally, with improved rechargeable battery life, your customers will have the security that SoundGate 2 will work whenever and wherever needed.