NEW Oticon Ria re-defines the essential category


New Oticon Ria is the latest addition to Oticon’s Performance Line: It provides excellent sound quality without adding to the strain of listening. Ria combines Binaural Synchronisation, Inium feedback shield and YouMatic Essential.Oticon Ria Pro and Ria complete Oticon’s Performance Line of hearing instruments which include premium technology, Oticon Alta and advanced technology, Oticon Nera. ConnectLine allows Ria users to enjoy easy connectivity to modern communication devices in one integrated system. With the addition of the Streamer Pro, users can connect easily, comfortably and wirelessly to landline and mobile phones, digital office phones, TVs, music, video chatting and streaming, teleloop, FM, and more. Robust and reliable, Ria RITE and BTE style solutions are IP57 certified and feature an intelligent mechanical design that prevents water, dust and debris from getting inside.

Clients can choose the shape, size and style that best suits their lifestyle. Another innovation within the essential category, Oticon offers Ria in all styles including the discrete Ria Pro IIC and Ria Power ITE. All Oticon miniFit receivers, Corda miniFit and miniFit domes can be used with the entire line of Performance families including Alta, Nera and Ria hearing instruments.