Mimosa Acoustics OtoStat®


OtoStat® is a handheld, touchscreen, device for testing middle- and inner-ear status using wideband acoustic immittance (MEPA reflectance and absorbance) and DPOAEs. Audiologists, ENTs, and other hearing-health clinicians have access to a portable, clinically-friendly wideband immittance system, that doesn’t need daily calibration. With the same probe fit and two-taps on the color touchscreen, middle- and inner-ear status is obtained quickly and easily, aiding differential diagnosis. Clinicians can choose from 3 DPOAE protocols, all with smart early-stopping rules to optimize testing time. Analysis and norms are provided for four age-groups: newborns, infants, children, and adults, using the latest clinical findings. “Our customers asked for a handheld version of our successful HearID+MEPA reflectance system – we are delighted to offer them the OtoStat”, said company president Dr. Patricia Jeng. Mimosa Acoustics have been serving clinical and research communities since 1994 with high-quality otoacoustic emission and wideband immittance test equipment. OtoStat is a legally marketed device (FDA 510(k)).