New Siemens Hearing Instrument Nitro


Nitro hearing systems have already been on the market since 2007. They were especially developed for the needs of people with severe to profound hearing loss.The new Nitro BtE instrument now offers even better performance in a housing that is nearly one-third smaller than that of the previous model. It has a substantially slimmer design and also fits behind a baby’s ears. Regardless of whether it is utilized in childhood or as an adult, the new Nitro BTE takes the various requirements of all age groups into account, both acoustically and through security features for babies. If the parents request it, the acoustician can activate a battery compartment safety feature or a lock on the control elements. At the same time it is protected from water and dust according to the industrial standard IP 67.

All Nitro models that are equipped with wireless connection capability synchronize sound and volume settings in cases where both ears have hearing aids. This binaural technology, which was developed by Siemens in cooperation with research scientists at Oldenburg University, was presented with the German Future Prize (Deutscher Zukunftspreis) by the German President.

In addition, the Nitro BtE is also compatible with nearly all FM systems via an optional audio shoe.Siemens has also equipped the Nitro hearing aid series with a special tinnitus feature and they amplify up to a 140 decibel sound pressure level.

The new Nitro ITE devices are available starting immediately, the new BTE devices will be available starting at the beginning of 2014.