Innovative solutions with the Quest platform for Phonak


With the Naída Q product family plus the expanded Wireless Communication Portfolio, Phonak presents a solution for people with severe to profound hearing loss: The Phonak wireless accessories provide the extra boost that people with severe to profound hearing loss often need in challenging listening situations. The expanded portfolio includes microphones based on the new Roger technology that bridges the understanding gap in noise and over distance: the Roger Pen and the Roger Clip-On Mic. This new technology, running on the 2.4 GHz band, improves understanding in these situations. The compact wireless Roger Clip-On Mic can be worn on the shirt. The Roger Pen with fully automated microphone settings and Bluetooth cell phone connectivity can be placed on the table, held in the hand... The new Phonak DECT cordless phone simultaneously transmits sound to both hearing aids and increases speech understanding.

The new Phonak solutions for the cost-conscious, Phonak Baseo Q-15 and Tao Q-15, enable great sound based on the Quest technology and an outstanding first fit acceptance.

In addition to its new products based on the Quest platform, Phonak presents the new Lyric.It has been engineered to perform for even more people with an increased gain of 2dB and an additional volume level. The innovative and compact design geometrically fits 75%* of the eligible users. Thanks to the improved module encapsulation, lateral oleo- and hydrophobic nano-coating plus a medial cerumen shield the new Lyric provides greater device protection against earwax and moisture.

The complete portfolio of solutions presented at the EUHA congress 2013 will be immediately available in the market.

* Fit rates calculated on a study population of 450 ears, after screening out 254 ears from an initial population of 704 ears, due to medical (e.g. uncontrolled diabetes, new to anticoagulation therapy, immune issues, poor skin quality, etc.) and other lifestyle contraindications, as outlined on the medical screening form.